ProductsBlack Conductive PE Film
Basic Properties:


Thickness: 0.09/0.125/

Apparent Density:1.163 g/cm3

Resistivity:80~240 Ω/cm

Thermal Conductivity:0.053 W/m.k

Tensile Strength[TD]: 21.25 MPa

Tensile Strength[MD]: 20.12 MPa

Breaking Elongation Rate[TD]: 7.4%

Breaking Elongation Rate[MD]: 7.2%

Products introductive:

this is a type of PE film with excellent conductive and heat dissipation properties.Adopt imported polymer superconducting nano carbon copper and curing agent through special process production.Relative to the metal conductor products,Its have no rust,not electric erosion,strong acid and alkali resistance,good flexibility,etc.It is a new type of environmentally friendly conductive materials.

  Conductive PE Film Application
Its widely used in medical electrode sheet conductive film,the heating systam of heating sheet,car heating film,patch electrode membrance,electronic board pressure membrane and electromagnetic shielding conductive film,etc.

   201505 New Product--Black conductive PE Film
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