ProductsSoft plate Ferrite
Basic Properties:


Thickness: 0.1~2.0 mm

Density:4.8~5.0 g/cm 3

Saturation Flux Density(Bs):275 mT

Residual  flux density(br):120 mT

Initial Permeability:700μ’

Practlacl Frequency:0.1~1.0 MHz

Curie Temp:>120 ℃

This is a kind of Soft ferrite with excellent flexibility,Break through the weakness of previous products which is hardness and easy to break.This is the industry's newest type of ferrite materials,catering to the needs of many electronic products.With ultra-thin thickness,can be arbitrarily curved and high permeability.Specifications can be customized.

  Application for soft plate Ferrite

Electronic products with NFC function

Untouched IC card

RFID reader and Bluetooth

   Launch in June--Soft Plate Ferrite
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