ProductsBlack Double-side Conductive Tape
Base Properties:


Thcikness:0.05±0.01 mm

Vertical:≤0.03 Ω

Peel Adhesive:≥0.7 kg/inch

Holding Power:24 H

Shielding Effectiveness :75~90 dB

DT 104-121B Black Double-side Conductive Tape is coating the high performance adhesive on the both side of Non-woven fabric,this product has good conductivity and electromagnetic wave shiedling effectiveness,shading effect is outstanding,the thickness is thin,catering to a wide range of electronic products design flexibility,the peel adhesive is excellent,high strength and difficult to break down.Comply with environmental protection.

  DT104-121B Feature and Applications
----Size specifications can be customized.Good conductivity,qualitative light,flexible.
----Has good shading shield performance.
----Couble bu used as EMI shielding and ESD design for electronic products. 
----Can die cutting  into various custom shape, used for all kinds of electronics, communications, entertainment, and other components

   New product--Black double-side conductive tape
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