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Black Conductive Fabric Tape:FLT9539/FLT95T3/FLT95T5/LH-T70/LH95P5

FLT9539 Basic Properties
Thickness:0.12±0.02 mm
Surface Resistance:<0.05 Ω/in²

FLT95T3 Basic Properties
Thickness:0.05±0.02 mm
Surface Resistance:<0.05 Ω/in²

FLT95T5 Basic Properties
Thickness:0.075±0.02 mm
Surface Temperature:<0.05 Ω/in²

FLT95P5 Basic Properties
Thickness:0.09±0.02 mm
Surface Temperature:<0.05 Ω/in²

Product Information
Fabrics are light-weight, soft, and obedient; it also has great conductive and
EMI shielding properties. There are various thickness for you to choose from. It is usually used for wrapping wires and cables. It can also be die-cut into customized shapes to place in electronic devices for EMI design.

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